Trauma Informed Katrina Ramos, LMFT

Trauma Informed Workshops

Trauma Informed Workshops 

I provided trauma informed workshops for both administration and staff concerning the importance of trauma informed classrooms.

Below we see the brain. In these workshops I help educators understand what is happening to a child that is not responding or behaving as would be expected. 

The there is the Limbic Area of the brain, specifically the amygdala – This area is our “live safe” so to speak, but also can be our biggest problem when it is activated and does not stop being triggered.  This area of the brain scans for danger, generates fear, anger and joy. It tells the brain to release adrenaline. What could be the result of a student who has this area activated all the time?

Also in the Limbic area we have the Hippocampus – our Memory keeper, it has been shown that LT stress actually shrinks this area. The hippocampus is also involved in learning and develops rapidly in early childhood. If this area is affected by trauma it makes sense that a child would have difficulty in school, with assignments and test due to the slowing down of this area – in an effort to react to the traumatizing event.


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